About us






Primo Piatto is a music band from Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The band started making music in 1992 and since then released numerous cd’s.

Musicians went and new musicians came.

Since the beginning of may 2008 the formation is: M (guitar), Luc Boux (bass), Victoria Voncken (drums and vocals) and Joseph Hendriks (guitar and vocals).

This cooperation went on for a couple of years and with quite some success.

Then It stopped.

Joseph Hendriks started a new formation with Bert Rokx (old colleague from the beginning of the nineties) on bass. The band was completed with Ronny Benders (guitar) and Patrick Kessels (drums). This formation lasted for years but found it’s end (around 2015).


Some of these musicians have a comprehensive musical background; Marga & de Brause Lutscher, Cinema Rasch, Prima Boys.

The music of Primo Piatto in that time can be described as a wave of modern and exciting pop.

They seemed not to have any idols or important examples.

Some people had to think of the Velvet or the Fall, with now and then a flicker of Mr Barrett.



At the end of 2015 Joseph Hendriks, M and Luc Boux  (former teammates) decide to start a total different project.

The computer and smartphone form an important part in the music now, together with guitar and bass.